Materials Used in Upholstery

Materials Used in Upholstery

A neat and refined upholstery work can certainly add to the beauty of the place where you live in. With proper use of upholstery, you can accentuate the elegance of your room interiors and lend them a royal touch. However, you don’t have to use only expensive upholstery materials for the desired effect. With a very simple material also, you can jazz up the looks of your cocoon. Similarly, you can decorate your luxury car or transform the appearance of your mid range car with a rich upholstery. In fact, aircrafts and boats also need a clean upholstery work to create a suitable ambiance.
Starting from rooms, personal automobiles to aircrafts and ships/ boats, a person skilled in upholstery art can change the entire feel of the things that you use in your daily life. However for this, he needs to be aware of all the materials used in upholstery and their durability and use.

Upholstery Fabrics

You need to be careful about the choice of your upholstery fabrics. The sustainability of the fabric depends on the nature of the place, surroundings and temperature. Hence, you need to select an ideal type that can survive all the conditions and thereby, serve your purpose well. Most common fabric material used in upholstery is cotton. Cotton fabrics can be availed in rough as well as light textures. The rough fabric collection comprises denim, canvas and sailcloth. The delicate cotton materials are toile, gingham and chintz.
Many artisans use synthetic fibers, animal fibers and leathers in upholstery. Nylon, vinyl, polyester, rayon and acrylics are the common synthetic fabrics.

Upholstery Interior Design

Upholstery plays an integral role in interior designing and decoration of your home, yacht and even a car. In interior designs, upholstery is used to freshen up the entire feel of your place or thing. A quality upholstery work can do wonders to the looks of windows, cornices, valances and furniture. It not only makes the whole appearance of the thing comfortable but attractive too.
Some designers like to use intricately woven upholstery in the furniture and some go for rather simple patterns. While doing the interior designing work, the professional also selects fabric materials for upholstery with utmost care to ensure sustainability.

Upholstery Tools

An artisan, who is involved in upholstery work, needs to use an array of tools to accomplish his/ her task. The range is wide and every single tool has an essential role to play in the process. Some of the very common devices or tools that are put to use in upholstery work comprise:

  • A tailor's chalk
  • Goggles
  • Scissors/ Knife
  • Sewing machine
  • Upholstery hammer
  • Rubber mallet
  • Staple puller
  • Regulator
  • Webbing stretcher
  • Staple gun
  • Round pointed needles/ button needles
  • Needle guards

Upholstery Skills

The professionals need to be dexterous in cutting and sewing in upholstery work. The upholsterers commonly use shears or knife to cut fabrics. Shears or scissors are used on rough fabrics. The ideal length of the shears needs to be 240mm with sharpness to be around 175mm. The person has to be adept in cutting webbing, rough covering materials and burlaps. He should be equally good in using knife in order to do away with excess or unwanted material. As per sewing is concerned, the upholsterers who can use sewing machine or a small sewing tool smoothly to create fine designs and stitching work are considered best.

Upholstery Craftmanship & Labour

Cutting, sewing and trimming are the three areas in upholstery where craftsmanship and labour needs to be of high quality. Much of this art work depends on the finishing and the proper fitting of the covering. A fabric which has been badly handled or not given proper size or shape can completely spoil the looks of your furniture. Hence, the upholsterer has to be well aware of the fabric material and its consistency. Besides, he or she should be able to give a perfect cut and design to the fabric to be used as a covering on any piece of furniture.

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