Brands in Upholstery

Brands in Upholstery

Upholstery is a growing business in India as well as other countries of the world. Previously, this art was limited to furniture repairing work only. However with the passage of time, upholstery became an integral part of interior design and decoration work and soon gained importance in the area of creating fresh pieces of furniture. Today, you will come across the fine examples of upholstery work in both domestic as well as commercial spaces. The automobile, marine and aircraft companies also make best use of this work of art.
Some of the popular brands in upholstery that have been able to carve niche for themselves and win people’s confidence are:

Upholstery Cordura Fabrics

Cordura fabrics are the well known brands in upholstery business and are most sought-after among the retailers and militaries. The company fabrics are manufactured using high-end fiber technologies that ensure longevity and durability. Fabrics are available in different types of weights ranging from light to heavy. The textures and construction of the Cordura fabrics are also topnotch. Besides, most of the fabrics are stain and abrasion resistant.
You can look for three distinct varieties of upholstery offered by the company for your use. These are colorlock fabric, classic fabric and HP fabric. The fabrics can be best used to make the coverings for luggage, bags, footwear, and other components.

Upholstery Invista Fabrics

Invista is reckoned among the finest fiber and polymers producing companies of the world. The company is acclaimed for its innovative concepts and ideas that can benefit even a larger base of customers across the globe. This international company has already created its footprints in over 20 countries spread across America, Europe and Asia.
Invista manufactures fabrics and materials for both domestic, automobiles and commercial use. You can look for its trademark product range for upholstery work related to bedding, furniture and flooring. It is well known for supplying quality fabrics for airbags. Some of the trademark products of the company are lycra, nylon, polyester resins and commercial carpet fiber.

Upholstery Bridgecraft Fabric

Bridgecraft is the old name in the upholstery business and is running successfully. The company started its furniture business 70 years back in UK. Initially, it had started as a small workshop. But with its product range and services, it soon became a household name. The company specializes in providing handmade upholstery. The company offers upholstery furniture with intricate designs. The furniture range is cltassy and elegant and gives a balance look to the entire area.
The Bridgecraft brands in upholstery business are also recognized for their excellent frame work on furniture. The main product range of this brand company comprises Bridgecraft Suites and Vale Suites.

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